Dark Sky

The Dark Sky above Møn and Nyord is more special than anywhere else in Denmark. The islands are the first in Scandinavia to become Dark Sky Community and Dark Sky Park, constituted by the International Dark Sky Association – and there is more than one reason to why. The local community fights the present and future light pollution in the area, for the reason that the dark, starry sky is both spectacular and unique. A place will only be constituted as a Dark Sky Park if the area possesses extraordinary, starry nights; and these are to be found on parts of Nyord and the East coast of Møn – right above Camp Møns Klint. Dark Sky Community focuses on changing light bulbs to environment-friendly solutions with a lower power that points downwards, so the light does not spread in the air above. This way it is possible to reduce light pollution and make the view to stargazing better – a benefit for the humans, environment and animals.



Møn is a Danish island with a nature unlike any other parts in Denmark. The nature is beautiful, exciting, challenging and wild. Hiking Møn makes you realize how many different nature areas are to be found on the island. In 2018 Mandemarke Bakker and Møns Klint were constituted as one of the 15 most unique nature areas in Denmark. And we fully agree! Flora and fauna live off each other in a symbiosis; orchids, ants, peregrine falcons and butterflies – and some of the species are nowhere else to be found in Denmark, except for right here! Besides the areas unique richness in nature, the view from Møns Klint and Mandemarke Hills are incomparable; It is impossible not to fall in love with the picture perfect landscape.


UNESCO Biosphere

The nature on Møn is in a league of its own; not only in Denmark but everywhere in the World. Therefore, Møn and the surrounding islands are constituted as a UNESCO Biosphere area. A constitution focusing on future fellowship and preservation of the unique biodiversity. The local community has been a great part of the constitution, as they work towards a common sustainable development in cooperation with nature and its wonders. UNESCO is determined to create a continuing development of the local community and their use of sustainable principles and work ethics, as well as the many landscapes, ecosystems and unique species will be guaranteed a future existence.

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