The return of Darkness


When the darkness returns after the long summer nights, it is time again to observe the stars and enjoy our fascinating night sky.

Back in 2017 the island of Møn has received the Dark Sky Park title, which means free access to thousands of stars straight from the campsite. Here it’s exactly the starlight that dominates the night sky.

Every week we are arranging „Tour-de-Night sky“, where  will be told about planets and galaxies and also about different sky phenomena. If the weather will be nice and the sky will be clear, we will be observing different sky objects.

The star-tour begins at 21:00 at the reception and ends approximately at 22:30.

The event is free of charge, but spaces are limited, so please make a reservation at the reception.

Your star guides will be Ole Eskling and Ruslan Merzlyakov.

Camp Møns Klint
Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
+45 55 81 20 25