Fishing at Camp Møns Klint in Denmark



Pull on a pair of waders and try your luck catching a fish along the entire coastline of Møn which offers up an amazing number of excellent fishing spots! If you prefer to go fishing in a lake Stege Nor is for you. The Baltic Sea is known for its low concentration of salt so here you will find The best place in Denmark – if not the World – to go fishing in brackish water.


Especially the spring and winter months are busy for anglers on Møn. Here, a large number of the much sought-after sea trout pass by the coastline. Year-round Møn is a fantastic destination for fishing experiences, whether you are fishing for sea trout, pike, perch, garfish or maybe something completely different. Many fishermen take up the challenge and walk up and down the three hundred and more stairs at Møns Klint to have the opportunity to fish in the Baltic’s most beautiful coastal landscape. The trip is a reward in itself, whether you manage to catch a fish or not.

Camp Møns Klint
Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
+45 55 81 20 25