Our night sky is full of wonders.

Have you ever dreamed about observing thousands of stars without going anywhere far away from the disturbing city lights? Since our campsite is located on the Eastern part of Møn, which back in 2017 officially became Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park, stargazing conditions are probably the best in entire Denmark. Here you will have a chance to enjoy our home galaxy – the Milky Way and its dusty galactic clouds, meteor showers and if you will be lucky, maybe even the Northern Lights!

Jump in the sky calendar and explore all the upcoming astronomical events for your next stay.

Want to get closer to the stars? Specially for you have we created a luxury solution with a portrait photo session under the Milky Way and a guided presentation about the stars and galaxies, which takes place every single week.

Interested in photography, but never tries shooting in the darkness? Down below you can find a beginner night sky photography tutorial, written by a professional and award-winning astrophotographer.


Enjoy the darkness at Camp Møns Klint! Explore our beautiful night sky!