At Camp Møns Klint, we are eager for adventure, fantasy, and exceptional nature experiences but also a will and desire to discover and explore the unknown.

Welcome to Camp Møns Klint. Here, in the middle of the wild, Danish nature, you will find possibly the best outdoor campsite in Denmark. At Camp Møns Klint you will find endless ways to realise your dreams of unique experiences in nature – both on-site and in the surrounding landscape. Staying at the scenic Camp Møns Klint is an attraction in itself. The undulating landscape with magnificent views across cliffs and sea, winding and undulating landscapes with pastures and forests was created during the Ice Age. Here, nature is experienced not only at close quarters; we also live in it.

A big part of being out and about in nature is to be astonished, to be amazed, and at the same time feeling connected to something much bigger than yourself. We practice the art of getting lost, so that we find our place in the world in the middle of the wilderness.We live in a hectic, modern ever-changing world. A world, where many children and adolescents grow up without ever getting the opportunity to light a fire, put up a tent, or pick wild berries in the forest. We need the wilderness. Countless generations have shared their stories over the crackling flames of the campfire while gazing at the night sky and the constellations. To some these experiences do not matter, but we think they help shape our understanding of nature.

With us, you can get lost – but you can also find yourself.



A big part of being in nature is learning; not just from yourself, but also from others. What drives us is attracting, meeting, and inviting guests into our own little world. There is room for everyone:  young and old, cool and calm, or adrenaline junkies. For many years, we have been a meeting place for our guests who share the same interests – interests in exploring, experiencing and discovering the haven found in nature.
That is why we host a variety of events every year which will connect us, our guests, the campsite, and nature.

All guests can be a part of the events. We share stories and experiences which forms a bond between our guests. We aim to give every guest their own unique holiday experience and that their stories live on in their memories a long time after their stay with us. We also hope that they will participate in inspiring others to live out their dream holiday. We create a sense of community every day. We hope that you wish to take part.


The clear and densely packed starry sky above Møn and Nyord is unique in Denmark. The islands make up Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park and Community appointed by the International Dark Sky Association. Møn and Nyord were granted the title because the local community has made a great effort to

protect the darkness of the night against local light pollution, and because the night sky over Møn is spectacular and quite simply unique. Only places boasting the best and clearest view of the starry sky are granted Dark Sky Park status. You will find it over parts of Nyord and over eastern Møn – right above Camp Møns Klint.