Seeing Møns Klint in all its glory from the water is an unforgettable experience. From the sea, you can see Møns Klint rise up like at white throne from the turquoise blue waters of the Baltic Sea.


For many decades Klintholm Harbor has been the centre of a rich fishing culture. In the harbour you can see the large fishing vessels returning to port after many hours of fishing many kilometers out in the Baltic Sea. The fishmongers ‘Søstrene’ is open most months of the year. Here, both locals and visitors can buy freshly caught fish ready for cooking. If you would like to experience the feeling of the open waters, hear the waves splashing against the side of the boat and feel the salty sea air on your face, you can get in board cutter Discovery in Klintholm Harbour from April to October (weather permitting) for a two-hour cruise.

The Baltic Sea has it all. It is both beautiful, mysterious, unmistakable and endless.


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