Throughout the season we have an array of activities for our guests at Camp Møns Klint. In addition to the many experiences that you can read about in the section ‘Back to Nature’, we regularly try to create new activities on the site that take place with and in nature. During holidays and peak season we cook ‘snobrød’ (twisted bread) and marsh mallows over an open fire, often with songs and guitar accompaniment. We also host a popular creative workshop every week where only the imagination limits what you can create, shape and build. If you want to learn how to catch fish, you can take part in  ‘Nak og Æd’, where our fishing guide will inform you of all the tips and tricks you need to know. The activities change all the time, but the board outside the reception will keep you informed. All the facilities at the campsite with many hours of fun and play are free.

Camp Møns Klint
Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
+45 55 81 20 25


Back to Nature at Camp Møns Klint in Denmark