The Baltic Sea surrounds the majestic, white chalk cliffs. Here you can scout as long as the eye can see, towards the endless horizon. The sea is a massive part of the life that is to be found on the East coast of Møn. Both the local fishermen, flora and fauna as well as the cliff is affected by the sea. The cliff slowly changes each time the water rises and pulls back again. The Baltic Sea is a huge part of the living beings on Møns Klint, and that is exactly why we have to take such good care of it. Often plastic and trash find a way from land to sea or the other way around, and it doesn’t go away by itself. Therefore, we have signed up as Sea Guardians – and you are very welcome to give us a hand. In the reception based on the campground we hand out bags to bring along on your hike. This way you can help us and the nature by picking up the plastic that gets dumped in the forest, on the beach and in the sea.

Camp Møns Klint
Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
+45 55 81 20 25