Our green movement and focus on sustainability and environment-friendly projects shapes our growing climate actions. We want to protect our ground and nature, so that future generations can experience and enjoy, what we do now; The beautiful nature on Møns Klint. We have always used eco accepted sanitation products to clean our holiday houses and campground. Together with Abena and ‘cradle to cradle’ we have partnered up to upgrade to more sustainable products. Recycled toilet paper, cleaning detergents and packaging which are all harmless and safe for human and environment, as well as the production behind is based on 100% CO2-neutral fuel. We take responsibility for humans and environment, therefore the shop on the campground will have a minimum of 20% ecological goods. At the Lake Apartments the restaurant only sells local food and drinks: all dishes on the menu are based on meat from local herds, ice-cream from Møns Is, greens, vegetables and wild growing herbs are planted and picked by hand. Most of the meat are from our own Hereford cattle grazing in the rough, hilly grazing areas.

Camp Møns Klint
Klintevej 544
4791 Borre
+45 55 81 20 25